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How to Prepare for Java Certifications like OCAJP, OCPJP, or Java SE 11 Developer?

Publicado: 20/09/21

This course will prepare you for real exam questions so you can pass your first Java certification. Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 11 Developer certification is for proficient Java developers who are skilled in using Java SE 11 for software and application development. Certification in Java will build the foundation for a future in programming and other computer related disciplines, as it teaches you to build applications and keeps you up-to-date in your field. Read on to learn more about Java, certification options, common study topics and how it might benefit your career. Pluralsight offers this eight-hour course to beginners in Java coding. It goes over the foundational concepts needed to develop Java apps, including Android, server-side and client-based development.

How can I get certificate of Java?

  1. Step 1: Learn the Basics. Study and learn the fundamentals of the Java programming language.
  2. Step 2: Learn New Skills.
  3. Step 3: Prepare for Your Exam.
  4. Step 4: Take Practice Exams.
  5. Step 5: Register and Take Exams.

Though it’s not guaranteed, I have found that Java certified professionals often get a better salary and package then Java developers with same skill set but not certified. Java certifications give you a chance to learn the Java programming language very carefully in a short span of time. You not only learn about basics but also subtle details of essential Java APIs. You can for this certification once you become a certified Java developer, I mean, after you passed both OCAJP and OCPJP.

What is Java?

By the way, it’s worth to remember that, usually you have to work for a minimum of six months for the same company if they pay for your Java certification. If you leave the company, most likely they will deduct the spent money from your salary. It’s true that you won’t get a real opportunity to use the newest Java version in an enterprise project, I know several projects are still using Java 1.6, and many are running on Java 1.5. For example, if you know Java 7 features, you will realize that there are better ways to do your day to day task.

You will then move on to mastering advanced Java topics such as JDBC, Hibernate Query Language, JSP’s Servlets, service-oriented architecture , web services and Hibernate and Spring frameworks. It is a professional-level certification program provided by Oracle for Java developers. Using this certification, aspirants and other hard-core Java programmers can distinguish themselves from those Java professionals who are not certified.

Get Your Certificate and Share It With The World

I have just refined that process a little bit as per my experience and presented it here. Some resources are free and you have to buy others, but given the actual exam cost is 245 USD or 10,100 INR, it is java 7 certifications worth spending some more money to prepare well. Since they provide lifetime access to their simulator, I suggest you buy both OCAJP and OCPJP simulator together and take advantage of this coupon code.

It allows you to create mobile apps or run on desktop applications that use many operating systems and servers, including Linux or Windows. Java courses are designed to assist students who want to learn Java applications. Whether you’re a Java student or a developer who wants to add Java to your portfolio, there’s a java course that best suits you. In order to earn your Oracle Java cert, make sure that you know exactly which exam you need to take, as there are different exam numbers for each test. Oracle offers optional courses that will help prepare you for your exam. Once you feel prepared for the test, you will need to purchase an exam and pass it in order to complete your certification.

What book do you suggest reading for Java?

Java is one of the most widely used programming languages in the IT industry. It is used by both individuals and organizations and will continue to be the case in the future. We will be equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to carry out enterprise-level application development after taking the Certified Master Java Enterprise Architect course. Full-stack Java development is learned by a knowledgeable specialist. Certification in Java, a popular programming language used by many companies, might be helpful.

By using this test bank, you can identify weak areas up front and then develop a solid studying strategy using each of the robust testing features. I didn’t find any Java certification book which is especially covering Java SE 11 Developer certification with code 1Z0-819 but this book is the closest I got. Great Learning’s Java full course will make you adapt to working on all such applications and softwares. This course can be attained by any learner who stands at a beginner level in learning Java. This free course is available to all beginners who want to start with Java Programming.

Best Java Certifications to Further Your Career

They specialize in critical areas like cybersecurity, coding, IT, game development, app monetization, and mobile development. In this course, we’ll learn about object-oriented programming and its implementations. In this course, we touch on key topics that should be known before learning the basics of Java. Documentation of your skills enables you to advance your career or helps you to start a new one. It gives you the credibility needed for more responsibilities, larger projects, and a higher salary.

How long does it take to get Java certified?

Some prepared for the exam in just two weeks, and some took 4 months, but a general "normal" preparation time should be around 2-3 months. If you have studied/worked with Java for 3-5 years – I don't think you'll need more than a month to prepare for the exam, but this also varies for each person.

how to get certified in java
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